Corroision Inhibitor Multifunctional closed/chilled systems 20 Ltr


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Corrosion Inhibitor Additives for Water system
This is a Highly effective INHIBITOR for closed loop , line chilled water with unique dual control of corrosion and scale from system.

This closed water treatment chemicals are  designed to treat hot and chilled water systems. The product contains a combination of nitrite, borate, and silicate formulated to minimize corrosion and deposition. The product comes in a clear and pink appearance form.

RXSOL-40-4011-020 is a superior multifunctional, nitrite-based chemical treatment used for the control of corrosion in closed cooling systems and chilled water systems. RXSOL-40-4011-020 is a liquid product containing a combination of ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion inhibitors, a non-carbonate buffer, scale inhibitors, dispersants and a leak detection dye.




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